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Paragon Number: 7362K
GM Part Number:
Chambered exhaust system, Hi.Perf. 2 1/2" system (2 1/2" manifold). This kit does not have mufflers!! The stock mufflers are eliminated and replaced by crimped pipes that resemble side exhaust. These are not original and Will Not pass judging.
Years 1964 - 1965
Additional Notes: Freight charges apply on this item if picked up at our facility or shipped to your location and may be subject to additional handling due to size and/or weight.
Packaging: Kit
Restock : This product carries a 30% restock fee if returned for any reason other than product is defective.
Condition: New
Type: Drop Ship



All 1966-67 cars w/327 equipped w/side exhaust had 2" manifolds. If you desire a 2 1/2" exhaust system from manifold to muffler you will need to change manifolds then order 3933K side pipe set. These pipes may also be used on 1963-65 Sp.Hi.Perf. cars, although 1963-64 frames did not have the muffler mounting holes in the frame. 1965 frames did have the muffler mounting holes. Please specify desired pipe size.
On chambered exhaust systems the stock mufflers are eliminated and replaced by crimped pipes that resemble side exhaust pipes. These are not as original and will not pass judging standards. Our off road systems come as a bolt together system. We can specify the system be welded in one piece, but delivery is approximately 4 additional days. Shipping charges are significantly more on the 1 piece system.
For those who would like off road mufflers please specify that with your order taker at the time of order. Off road mufflers have 1 less baffle, which offers less exhaust back pressure, causing a deeper sound quality.
This exhaust pipe is 2 1/2" in diameter where it bolts to manifold and is reduced to 2 1/4" about 4 inches from manifold. GM did not produce a 2 1/2" to 2 1/4" pipe from manifold to muffler assembly, this is a custom made assembly. These mufflers MUST be used with manifolds having 3880827 and 3880828 respectively.
Our exhaust systems have been tested on Corvettes for many years and the patterns are exact for stock Corvette applications. The pipe’s are made from 409 stainless steel and the mufflers are made from 304 stainless steel, unless otherwise noted. The 409 stainless has a higher carbon content that the 304 stainless, thus allowing a magnet to stick to the pipes. These pipes WILL NOT RUST, and carry a lifetime warranty against burn through or rust. All systems are crafted in the USA. This is the last exhaust system you will ever need to buy! All systems include clamps, flanges and donuts. All exhaust hangers and tips will need to be purchased separately. Please specify the year of car, base or Hi.Perf engine, and oval or round mufflers. 1963-72 factory replacement note on welded exhaust systems: Only 1963-72 exhaust pipes were originally welded to the mufflers. We can only weld 1963-72 exhaust systems into one piece, if required please advise your order taker. Please note that shipping charges are significantly higher for a one piece system. Unless specifically requested, all systems are shipped un-welded.

We are no longer able to accommodate custom modifications to an original exhaust system. We apologize for this inconvenience but we can only provide exhaust systems to original specifications.