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Steering Box Assembly

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Paragon Number: 4760
GM Part Number: 7819668

Steering box assembly, new. This is an entirely new unit, no rebuilt components, pre-lubed and adjusted. Does not include rag joint.
Years: L1969 - 1982
Condition: New
Packaging: Each
Type: Stock

Price: $478.00 


1963-66 steering boxes reportedly had “Check>Lube” information cast into the cast iron top plate. If your car is being judged and requires this cover plate, please send in your old core with your order and we will have your unit rebuilt. We cannot guarantee all 1963-66 boxes will have proper information on these plates unless it is specified at the time of the order. When sending in your core, please be sure that if you have a 1963-69, you send one with a cast iron plate. If a 1970-82 core with the aluminum plate is returned instead, only 1/2 credit will be issued. Paragon apologizes for any inconvenience this causes, however, those who show their 1963-69 cars are required to have the cast iron plate to receive full points. There are two ways to better help you distinguish a cast iron top plate from aluminum:
1. Most 1963-69 cast iron top plates have “Check>Lube” cast into it.
2. You may also check the cover with a magnet. If it is aluminum there will be no attraction.