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Paragon is a proud GM Restoration Parts Licensee
Alternator Engine Belt

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Paragon Number: 13971
GM Part Number:

Alternator engine belt, w/454 & w/ P/S.

Years: 1974
Condition: New
Packaging: Each
Type: Stock
Restock: 30% if returned for any reason other than product is defective
Additional Notes: Freight charges apply on this item if picked up at our facility or shipped to your location and may be subject to additional handling due to size and/or weight

Choose Option:
Dated 1-Q-74
Product Number:13971-1Q74
Dated "1Q74"
Price: $26.00 

Dated 2-Q-74
Product Number:13971-2Q74
Dated "2Q74"
Price: $26.00 

Dated 3-Q-73
Product Number:13971-3Q73
Dated "3Q73"
Price: $26.00 

Dated 4-Q-73
Product Number:13971-4Q73
Dated "4Q73"
Price: $26.00 


All belts are ‘cut’ style as original with white ink stamped GM emblem and part number, broadcast code (where applicable), belt size, manufacturer’s logo and number and date code.

1973-82 Engine belts are NOT stamped with a quarter date, but are stamped with a date code per the GM blueprint specifications.