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  Paragon Club Rewards Program  

  What is the Paragon Club Rewards Program?  
  Simply register your Corvette Club, and Paragon will donate 3% of your members total retail sales in products and/or gift certificates for giveaways to your members!  
  Paragon Club Rewards Program FAQs
  • Who is eligible to participate in the Paragon Club Rewards Program?

    Corvette Clubs & their members.

  • Can we redeem the rewards for ANYTHING?

    Rewards can only be redeemed for STOCKED Paragon items and/or gift certificates to be used as giveaways at club functions.

  • How can a club participate in the rewards program?

    Simply complete or download the form below, or call 1-(800)-882-4688 and ask to have an entry form sent to you.

  • How can club members be included in their clubs rewards?

    Have your club list you and your Paragon account number on their initial registration. You can also email or call us at 1-800-882-4688 to be added to your clubs list.

  • How are rewards calculated?

    Clubs can redeem rewards once a year. These rewards are based on the previous calendar years registered members retail purchases, excluding labor and restorations.

  • If rewards are not redeemed in a calendar year, will they roll over into the next year?

    No, rewards must be redeemed on a yearly basis or they are lost.

  • How can a club redeem rewards?

    The named club representative can email or call and ask for the rewards coordinator and the available rewards amount will be calculated.
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