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About Paragon Corvette Reproductions

Originating in 1970, in a back yard garage, Paragon offered used parts and restoration service.

Paragon Reproductions, Inc. became one of the first companies to reproduce discontinued Corvette parts, beginning a long and respected relationship with General Motors. In 1985, the building was built and has since been expanded into its current 24,000 sq ft facility. The first catalog, consisting of a modest 32 pages was created and since that first issue, our catalog has grown into four separate versions, one for each generation, C1, C2, C3 and C4 respectively.

Paragon Reproductions started with only a few specialty items, but as we secured the cooperation of Chevrolet and were able to use original GM blueprints and original tooling, we expanded our inventory. We like to call our parts re-issues, since they are manufactured exactly like the originals. Over time, this procedure revolutionized the entire industry and created a new standard for reproduction parts second to none. We now stock over 30,000 parts.

Corvette restoration, N.O.S. and used original parts are still a major element of our company. We refer to these services as Paragon Vintage. Vintage can recondition almost any part from your treasured Corvette or offer the option of purchasing an original piece to replace it.

New Old Stock (N.O.S.) parts and used parts in excellent condition have always been the standard for Corvette repair. We feel that our experience and love these cars make us the leading authority in all Corvette service. To learn more about the many options that our Vintage department has to offer, call us today at 1-800-882-4688.

We view things from your perspective and strive to make parts that are essential to the individual restorer. This keeps us continually pursuing the best parts and service available in the industry.