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You may not be as familiar with Paragon Vintage as you are with Paragon Reproductions, but we have been a full-service Corvette parts and restoration facility since 1970. We would like to acquaint you with our immense inventory of rare N.O.S. and used parts for Corvettes from 1953-82. If a reproduction part does not fill your need, then Paragon Vintage parts will provide you with a high quality original. We have two large storage facilities stocked with engine blocks, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds, all tagged with casting numbers and dates. We carry a wide selection of fuel injection units, carbuertors, original distributors and air cleaners. We also have used stock of almost every conceivable gauge or instrument.

If you need body panels, doors, glass and related trim moldings both interior and exterior, dash pads, seats, wheels and tires - just ask. Do you need a convertible top or hardtop? We have them. Available suspension components include frames, frame members, A-frames, steering systems, spindles, springs, all necessary bolts and brackets, and differential assemblies. We can also assemble and detail your chassis to show specifications.

We will give your chassis a comprehensive inspection to determine what repairs should be undertaken. If your critical need isn't parts, but instead, someone who will pamper and care for your treasured automobile with the utmost respect - then look no further.

The Paragon Vintage service department will devote as much time as needed to fully evaluate your Corvette. Our goal is to develop a timetable for maintenance or repair that will suit your needs and desires. Over the years we have helped many of our customers achieved top show awards. Our expertise includes major engine and transmission restoration. As a direct result of our research and development efforts at Paragon Reproductions , we can provide you with fine interior or underhood detailing. Points are very often deducted at judging meets because of inadequate preparation. We also encourage you to have our expert appraisals done on a regular basis to establish a cars value for insurance purposes. So, whether it is major mechanical repair, fine detailing, or a hard-to-find part, call Paragon Vintage.

Please note that Paragon Vintage technicians are ONLY available during designated tech call times. You must be registered as a customer to speak with a technician.
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